What do viewers think about Bravo’s new series, “Newlyweds”?

Posted by admin on May 1st, 2013

Recent Reviews –

Entertainment Weekly called us ” A Compelling Reality Standout”.

TV Without Pity says ” The most promising Bravo show for 2013…quality reality..laugh out loud!”

AD AGE – “Newlyweds is a Potential HIT for Bravo!”

US WEEKLY – 2 out of 4 stars! “It’s an exciting concept. Following 4 couples, gay sweethearts included!” 

LIFE and STYLE – 3.5 out of 4 stars! “As they learn to compromise through their struggles, your faith in the institution will be restored. ” 

PEOPLE – 2.5 out of 4 stars. :Straightforward, thoughtful look at 4 couples…The sincerity of the enterprise is in inverse proportion to it’s fun…What would Lisa Vanderpump make of it?”

Variety – “Newlyweds begins with Promise and Anticipation….no shortage of Mellow Drama…Blair and Jeff provide the Most Human Component”

About.Com – “Newlyweds:The First year” One of the BEST Reality Shows of 2013! 
IN TOUCH – “Fascinating Docu Series including a Gay Couple….”

New York Post – 3 out of 4 Stars! – “Engaging. More Real then the Housewives. Without fake fights and forced drama. Future episodes should prove to be very interesting!”


Wall Street Journal –  Blair and Jeff—a former pop star and a Homeland Security investigator—are separated by 16 years and a temperamental abyss.


New York Daily News – “Reasonably legitimate. Characters are neither appalling nor boring. It’s not highbrow art….not unibrow either!” 


Hollywood Reporter – “A worthwhile look at 4 couples who are made for drama…especially the exuberant Blair Late..infused with style…fresh and new…resonates more then the cartoonish Real housewives!” 
OK! –  “This Series is Juicy!” 

TV GUIDE – http://www.tvguide.com/News/Meet-Cast-Newlyweds-1064982.aspx

Starcasm – “From Boy Band to Bravo!”  – http://starcasm.net/archives/215117


My Cover story for Evoke Magazine, out in TEXAS next week!  – http://albumconfessions.blogspot.com/2013/05/former-b3-member-blair-late-featured-on.html 
Our E! News Interview  – http://bit.ly/YpRF8O  

HUFFINGTON POST names Newlyweds #6 of 84 TOP Summer Shows!

HUFFINGTON POST names Newlyweds #6 of 84 TOP Summer Shows!

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  1. I love the show and could watch it over and over! Ta vicki

  2. Love the show and watch all of the couples adjust. I hope this is continued. Loved the houswives but they now seem rode hard and put away wet lol Vicki

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