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Jennifer Aniston is a diva?; Blair played Frederick in ‘The Sound of Music’!

Cast members have called Jennifer Aniston a diva because she will not mix with them on set. And, Blair played Frederick in the ‘Sound of Music’… TWICE!


CARRIE UNDERWOOD, Maria Von Trapp for 2012!

by: Blair Late NBC finally seems to be heading the right direction. Not only did they have their highest rated FALL season in YEARS but they are also taking more risks. Realizing that LIVE, EVENT driven TV is one of the few ways to garner millions of eyeballs who don’t DVR, NBC a few months […]


Stars Playing Stars~!

Whoe doesn’t LOVE a good Biopic? Especially when a great actor portrays a great icon, it more times then not can be a winning combination. click here to get ALL the SCOOP!