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Katherine Jackson returns home, Latoya Jackson’s new project on OWN

Blair Late has details on Katherine Jackson’s return to guardianship, and Latoya’s new project with Oprah Winfrey.  


Oprah Has Regrets and is HUMAN like the rest of US!

Oprah spoke out Monday on her BFF, Gayle Kings, newly turned around morning show, CBS This Morning, and came clean about the daily struggles she has been dealing with in the launch of her some what failing cable network, OWN. Oprah previously the talk show host with the “Midus Touch” is currently dealing with her […]


Rosie and Oprah on their OWN!

The SMILING STOPS HERE! What a rough week it has been for Rosie, Oprah, and Rick Santorum. But things for Oprah started LONG AGO when she left her mother ship of a syndicated talk show, to run a cable network. Oprah, who used to own a small stake in OXYGEN, decided she could tackle a […]