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Hollywood’s Wealthiest Couples; Most Likeable Celebrities; and Liam Hemsworth finds a new girlfriend

Jay Z and Beyonce are currently the wealthiest couple in Hollywood; Ellen Degeneres is the most likeable celebrity; and, Liam Hemsworth moves on from Miley Cyrus.


Chris and Liam Hemsworth compete for Fifty Shades of Grey role, Britney Spears learns to dance “Gangnam Style”

Australian brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth are competing for the Fifty Shades of Grey role and Britney Spears learns to dance ‘Gangnam Style.’  


Aussies take over Hollywood!

Here’s the latest scoop on Liam Hemsworth and Anna McGahan. Liam Hemsworth has been honored at the Inaugural Australians in Film Awards in Hollywood. Watch the video here: