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Fall TV – 2012 – Best Of: “I’ve FALLen, but, I can get up!”

by: Blair Late Between DVR and cable, network TV will never be the same. But when CEO’s like Les Moonves and Robert Greenblatt are getting paid “Mitt Romney money” I still expect MORE! Let me be clear. There are some new shows I have mildly enjoyed and will continue to watch this season. Although, the […]


Monday Tv Ratings and Reviews~!

  Monday night proved  that even after 8 seasons and a torturous spring of Jerry Springer like Drama with Charlie Sheen that made even celebrity rehab look like a Martha Stewart Special, TWO AND A HALF MEN IS ACTUALLY STILL HOT! So HOT that the Murdochs finally have something else to sweat about besides phone […]


Fall TV Reviews – “Ringer” – A Tonedeaf Bell~!

  In the up coming weeks I will be reviewing the “most talked about”, series debuts. Being that I am a pop culture connoisseur of the highest level and am not “paid” by any network to sway my opinion, I will be going for the jugular and will be as honest as honest gets! Not […]