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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ashton & Demi, Rob Pattinson Wrap

Arnold Schwarzenegger defends his mistress; why haven’t Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore officially gotten “divorced” yet?; and Rob Pattinson is coming to Australia.  


Stars Playing Stars~!

Whoe doesn’t LOVE a good Biopic? Especially when a great actor portrays a great icon, it more times then not can be a winning combination. click here to get ALL the SCOOP!


Monday Tv Ratings and Reviews~!

  Monday night proved¬† that even after 8 seasons and a torturous spring of Jerry Springer like Drama with Charlie Sheen that made even celebrity rehab look like a Martha Stewart Special, TWO AND A HALF MEN IS ACTUALLY STILL HOT! So HOT that the Murdochs finally have something else to sweat about besides phone […]