Fall TV – 2012 – Best Of: “I’ve FALLen, but, I can get up!”

Posted by admin on October 20th, 2012

by: Blair Late

Between DVR and cable, network TV will never be the same. But when CEO’s like Les Moonves and Robert Greenblatt are getting paid “Mitt Romney money” I still expect MORE!

Let me be clear. There are some new shows I have mildly enjoyed and will continue to watch this season. Although, the tenacity I had last year for ABC’s “Revenge” and the year before for CBS’s “The Good Wife” has certainly not sustained with this years crowded bunch of shows. But because I will always appreciate the medium of network Television I am going to offer a couple of shows from the major networks you should make room for on your crowded Tivo; most likely filled with “Downton Abbey”, “Mad Men”, “Walking Dead”, and “The Real Housewives”, i.e CABLE SHOWS!

Wednesday, 10/9 central
Starring – Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere
Created By – Callie Khouri

“Nashville” is this season’s “golden child” and the highest hopes for a network show to break the Emmy curse that has been ruled by cable shows the last 5 years.

It is beautifully written by Oscar winner Callie Khouri (“Thelma and Louise”) and has a similar voice and tone to her other mainstream hits, “Something to Talk About” and “The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood”.

The Drama also features a fantastic weekly soundtrack written by country music’s finest and produced by Grammy legend T-Bone Burnett.

Connie & Hayden

The shows two female stars, Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere, not only act their parts superbly, but also sing all their own music and do it convincingly.

The center story line revolves around the “aging” music career of Connie’s character “Rayna” and the budding career of Hayden’s character, “Juliette”. It’s almost as if writer Callie Khouri had inside scoop of real life stars Faith Hill and Martina McBride and how they are dealing with the rise of Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood.

For those of you who are not actual country fans no need to fret. The story lines in “Nashville” cover what all juicy drama’s do: love, secrets, politics, money, and sex!

Imagine “Dallas” with music and you’ve got “Nashville”.

The CW
Wednesday, 8/7 Central
Starring – Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy
Created by – Greg Berlanti

I find action drama’s the hardest TV shows to convincingly pull off when they never have the same budget, special effects, and pedigree that action films have. Especially when concerning the premise of a super hero/comic strip it’s nearly impossible to please the movie going fans of Christopher Nolan’s epic “Batman” franchise and Joss Whedon’s “Avengers”.

The same cannot be said for Greg Berlanti’s “ARROW” on the CW. Although laced with a tinge of “CW candy”,  “Arrow” delivers on all fronts. It has an entertaining and somewhat believable story line, fantastic action sequences (“Revolution” take note), solid writing, and most important, a STAR in the making.

Katie & Stephen

Longtime working actor, yet relative newcomer to leading roles, actor Stephen Amell delivers the strongest, debut, action star performance since Tom Cruise in “Top Gun”. Did I mention this was a TV show? Hollywood finally has a new believable action star on their hands, but if the CW has anything to do about it Stephen will stay put on the Tele for a few more years. Not to mention, his chemistry with underrated actress, Katie Cassidy, is flawless. Since I am playing the comparison game it is safe to say Katie exudes the same sex appeal that Heather Locklear had on the original “Melrose Place”, but also has the gravitas of Oscar winning actress, Reese Witherspoon.

Bottom line this show is solid, forceful, and fast paced much like Stephen’s alter ego, “The Arrow” himself.

Honorable Mention –

If my reviews have enticed you and you can handle a few more shows on your box, need no say more. See below a list, of a few other shows, that I have decided to get to know just a little bit better.

“The New Normal”
Tuesday Nights 9.30/8.30 Central

An adorable gay couple is having a child through surrogacy. Fantastic one-liners from NeNe (“Real Housewives of Atlanta”) and Ellen Barkin (“Oceans 12”) make the show intriguing enough. Created by the darkly humorous mind of Ryan Murphey (Glee).

“Ben and Kate”
Tuesday Nights 8.30/7.30 Central

A heartfelt show with quirky characters, think “New Girl” meets “Three Men and a Little baby”. Created by Dana Fox, (“Couples Retreat” / “What Happens in Vegas”) based on her real life, out of the box experiences with her own brother. New comers, Dakota Johnson and Nate Faxon have wonderful chemistry as the loveable and empathetic brother and sister.

Thursday Nights 10/9 Central

Although procedurals on CBS tend to all bleed together, this modern day take on a “sober” Sherlock Holmes in New York City entices with solid writing and strong performances by Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. *Note, TV must be turned up loudly as Jonny’s strong, british dialect and fast talking can prove to be difficult to understand.

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